What is Southeast Scouting?
Southeast Scouting is a thriving scouting service and consultant for hundreds of agencies throughout the World. In a nut shell, we collaborate with the fashion and entertainment industry, providing an opportunity to meet the most credible agents in every major market.  

What are you looking for?

Southest Scouting is always scouting for actors and models (ages 7 and up) who are interested in the entertainment industry. Good preparation and unique personality is a predictor of success.  We aim to work with people who have a good character and humble hearts.

What if I don’t receive a callback from my appointment?
You will receive an email with other options and/or advice. We are not out to hurt anyone's feelings, just because we feel you are not a good fit for our team, doesn't mean you will not be successful if you choose to pursue your passion.

I'm a parent, is my child ready?
In addition to talent, the most important attributes for children in entertainment are an outgoing personality and unusual maturity. The desire to perform needs to be the child's desire - not the parent's.

What should I wear to the appointment?
Wear your trendy/hip/casual clothing. No offensive material and please do not wear sandals or flip flops.  

Should I bring a parent?
We encourage anyone under 21 teens to bring parent(s), a spouse, a mentor, and/or anyone who loves you and is interested in your future. 

Is there an application to fill out?
You will be given an application to fill out on site, we ask that you bring a photo that is recent, and includes only you. These photos are used for identification purposes only, and they will not be returned.

Can I bring babies and toddlers?
The minimum age to audition is 7. The experience is fun, but serious. If your children are too small to sit quietly for 1-2 hours, please leave them at home and/or bring a babysitter who can keep an eye on them.

We are the only member of IMTA that scouts the entire Southeast. Well, what is IMTA? 

IMTA is the largest and most prestigious model and talent showcase in the world. It occurs twice a year, New York City in July, Los Angeles in January. Established in 1987, IMTA has a track record unparalleled in the industry. Please visit www.imta.com for more information.